Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sempoi Crispy Chicken Wrap

this is my daugther's wrap, note no tomato & salad .. hummm
Made this for my kids' school lunch today. Ease-my-life recipe :).  All you need:

(Makes 4 wraps)

8 pieces crispy chicken (To make crispy chicken - follow the crispy chicken nugget recipe

4 tortillas / thin bread / pita bread even capati would be great
8 slices of tomato
grated cheese
bbq sauce
sweet chilli sauce

- prepare tortilla / bread on celan plate
- place crispy chicken (2 per wrap)
- add in tomato & salad, cheese
- top with mayo, bbq & sweet chilli sauce
- roll tortilla / bread to wrap chicken, press for about 1 minute on a hot pan to get the tortilla / bread to hold firmly

Happy trying ... :)

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