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Salam everyone ...

Here's sharing tips & info about food, cooking, kitchen, health, safety that I've got .. please feel free to share what you've got too ... post your comments k!


  1. The main tool for a good cook is the Knife! Must be sharp & strong as well as suitable for all sorts of produce. It would a bit costly but its worth to invest into buying good knives e.g. japanese made.
    * I'll create a link to knives .. :)

  2. I think passion is the main tool...don't u agree?

  3. Salam ... check out the link 'Knives online' to see the types of knives. This website is one that offers reasonable prices for great knives. A friend bought scanpan knives from them & she was greatly satisfied!

  4. My late aunt @ cikyam was a great cook. Her home cooked dishes had the touch not just in the tummy but also our hearts ... I just got know recently that apart from reciting Bismillah, selawat Nabi 3x, she also recite surah Al-Kauthar everytime she cooks anything. I've only been doing Bismillah & the selawat all these while, Alhamdulillah been reciting the surah since April (I feel somehow rugi all these times huhuhu) & I find it much easier to cook, my family likes my dishes better & less problems after meals. I can see my no. 3 daugther eating better since too ... TQ Cik Kama for sharing the secret of Arwah Cik Yam, May Allah bless both of you always ... Al-fatihah.


    (1) To thee have We granted the Fount (of Abundance).
    (2) Therefore to thy Lord turn in Prayer and Sacrifice.
    (3) For he who hateth thee, he will be cut off (from Future Hope).

    Surah Al-Kauthar, verse 1-3


  5. Emma: hehe .. betui betui betui it takes more than just knife kan?

  6. 1 tip I got from Mat Gebu. If you use baking pan which is black in colour instead of the normal aluminium pan, you must reduce the heat of the oven because the pan will absord more heat compared to teh alumium ones.- tini

  7. Some great tips by a good friend. TQ Heidi!
    Substitutions (I live by them)
    - Instead of oil in baking, you can use the same volume of applesauce.
    - Instead of buttermilk, put equivalent number of tablespoons of white vinegar into milk.
    - Good knives. A Microplane (can't live without it).
    - Lots of mixing bowls. Inexpensive glass bowls (all sizes) for marinating and melting.
    - Crisco shortening for baking (you can get it at DJ's in Perth City).
    - Cooking spray. An indoor bbq

  8. if u know any gud baby food maybe can share wit s here...i start khalis wit neslac ..if we can make homemade baby food that wud be nice

  9. oh ok .. tq Pia .. will find teh recipes I found in some book here :)

  10. Substitution of tepung beras : 1 cup of tepung beras can be subsituted with 1 cup of tepung gandum add with 3 spoon ful of tepung jagung.

    It works!! I can never use tepung beras successfully.I use this to make kuih talam berlauk - Tini

  11. Piah,
    1.masak bubur nasi + carrot+chicken+ potato. Dah masak, blend semuanya. -tini

  12. Hi sis... propose u add in under ur great sites.. lots of baking recipes... ;) easy to do too....

  13. Dear Sofia,
    Here are some tasty baby recipes.....
    1. ABC soup (great for the whole family too).
    Potato - Diced into 8 (big chunks)
    Tomato - Cut into 6 wedges (depending on the size of tomato)
    Chicken bones/wings/thighs - to your liking (marinate with a little salt)
    Red Onion - Cut into 6 wedges (depending on the size of Onion)
    Carrot - Wedged

    - Boil the water, add in all the ingredients above. Let boil till the carrot & potato is soft.
    - For baby, scoop out the potato & carrot, mashed/blend with the soup.
    - For adults, you may add in a little bit of pepper & salt before serving.
    - A healty, balanced diet... good for people with fever or cold too. :)

    2. Pumpkin.
    - Pumpkin, diced
    - 2-3 slices of ginger
    - Cashew Nuts - fried without oil n blended

    Boil pumpkin with ginger till pumpkin soften. Mashed/blend. Mix with blended cashew nuts.

    3. Spinach porridge
    Anchovies - bones removed, fried without oil & blended into powder

    - Cook the rice with spinach into porridge. Before serving, add in anchovies.

    Anyway, there's lots of food you can mix & match to make porridge for your baby. Boiled and blended fruits like apple, pear etc are tasty too. Mashed bananas..... later you'll find that baby food are very tasty.. hehehe... most important thing to remember when cooking for babies are AVOID PUTTING IN SALT until they are 3 yrs old as it is bad for their digestion system. You can always make it tasty by using tomatoes, anchovies & carrots.

    Happy trying.

    Dear Kak Nonie, few months back, there's a website on baby food posted in the New Straits Times, but i din manage to jot it down. Once i found it, i'll let you know... nnt2 free, i'll copy the recipes for kids in the book that i have with me... i think you may purchase it from (not sure got .my or not) :p