Monday, July 19, 2010

Sempoi Banana & Custard - My Aunt's signature dish (TQ Acik Intan :))

8 - 10 almost ripen banana, sliced half vertically

- Fry / grill banana (without flour)  with some oil on a small frying pan
- After it's fried, arrange in a casserole dish or any square dish.

4 cups water
2 egg yolks
50g caster sugar
40g custard powder
1/2 a-can of condensed milk
a pinch of salt
1 tsp vanilla essence

-mix custard powder with water till dissolved
-put all ingredients into a saucepan
-cook over medium heat stirring until custard thickens
-once thickened, remove from heat pour onto banana
-set aside until cooled 
- serve
Happy trying ... :)


  1. Tq najihah for posting this for mama :)

  2. haha jajah postkan ke?? good job..mama's PA eh..kak nonie, thanx a lot..dok cari resipi nk wat desset berbuka..alhamdulillah jumpa dah.:))