Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sempoi Tempoyak Kunyit - shared by Tini

aaahhh...the King of Fruit season is here again. Missing it very much from where I am at. Tempoyak @ fermented Durian flesh is a much loved & a must have for many people in Malaysia during the durian's season. This is one of the traditional ways of preparing the tempoyak. This is a recipe shred by my friend Kartini that she got from her friend (thank you Puan Thaudhah, semoga murah rezeki)

1 genggam tempoyak / a handful of tempoyak (about 1 cup)
1 batang  batang serai - dipotong halus dan ditumbuk / 1 lemon grass, cut & pounded
1 helai daun kunyit di hiris halus / 1 tumeric leaf, finely sliced

1 batang serai/1 lemon grass
5 biji cili besar/ 5 red chillies
3 biji cili padi/ 3 small bird eye chillies
2 cm kunyit hidup/2 cm fresh tumeric
10 ekor ikan bilis yang dibelah dua/ 10 dried anchovies, halved
Garam, gula secukup rasa / salt to taste
Air 3 sudu./ 3 tablespoon water

1. Bahan A di gaul . Letak tepi./Mix A till well combined & set aside
2. Bahan B dikisar halus/blend B till fine
3. Bahan B yang telah dikisar, digaul bersama Bahan A. Masak semuanya sehingga pekat./Mix A & B together till well combined
4. Hidang bersama ikan goreng dan ulam2./serve freshly made with salad of your choice e.g. cucumber/lettuce etc

Happy trying ... :)

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