Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sempoi Herbs Roast Chicken w country veggies

Made this for lunch sometime ago, simple to prepare & great to eat :)

Prepare chicken: follow this recipe I add oregano & rosemary rubbing all over the chicken, if you can get dukkah (a kind of Mediterranean / Middle East spice) it'll enhance the flavor.

Corn cobs
Brown Onions
* amount: up to your preference :)
Salt + pepper
 Olive oil

- after all veggies are washed & cut, prep them with butter, oil, salt & pepper
- put all together in a baking tray / pot with the chicken
- roast till chicken are well cooked, turn the chicken at least 2x and move the veggies around to ensure all are well cooked
- serve hot with any sauce you like or just eat them straight

Happy trying ... :)

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