Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sempoi Roast Chicken - K Nor's recipe :)

Roast chicken is great for family dinner. Its simple yet scrumptiously loved by many :). This is a good friend's recipe .. TQ K Nor :)

1 Whole Chicken with skin
125gm butter
8-10 nos button mushroom
5-8 nos baby potatoes
2 large onion cube
2 large tomato sliced 6
8-10 clove garlic whole
salt & pepper to taste
mix herbs (mccormick)

- Clean the whole chicken. Rub salt & pepper on whole chicken together with mix herb. 
- Slice cubes (1cm) butter and put it on glass baking tray and underneath chicken's skin.
- Preheat oven to 220c.
- Put in some onions, garlic and tomatoes into the chicken. 

- The rest of onions, garlic, tomatoes, mushroom and potatoes to fill up around the chicken in the baking dish.
- Cover the chicken with aluminium foil, roast in oven for about 40mins. 

- Remove the aluminium foil and continue roasting for 30min or until brown with heat reduced to 180c
- Serves while hot

Happy trying ...  :)

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