Friday, August 27, 2010

Sempoi Murtabak Daging (mince beef wrap) - K Nuri's recipe

in the frying pan

on the plate

Alhamdulillah...leganya dapat buat murtabak sendiri utk iftar semalam & syukur menjadi. Thanx to the simple & wonderful recipe given by a friend kak Nurina (I just adjusted a bit according to my family's taste). My family just love it, tu yang lagi lega rasa :D

2 tablespoon blended onion + chili (I used 1 tablespoon chilli powder + 1 chopped medium onion)
500gm mince beef
1 tablespoon meat curry powder (rempah kari daging) 
salt & sugar to taste
3 eggs

- fry blended mixture / onion and chilli powder till fragrant
- add mince beef, fry till all cooked
- add curry powder, salt & sugar to taste & fry till almost dry, set aside to cool down a bit
- beat eggs

For the skin / wrap, i used Kawanku Onion Paratha frozen dough
5 pieces of onion paratha frozen dough, thaw and rolled out to expand it a bit

- divide mince beef misture into equally 5 protions
- mix each portion with some amount of beaten eggs
- fry 1 portion of mince & eggs mixture (omelet liked), just for about 1 minute
- scoop & transfer on to 1 rolled paratha dough, fold into square or round like shape
- place of frying pan again with a bit more oil till well cooked, pressing the wrap to ensure fillings are cooked through
- serves warm with pickled onions, dhal or curry

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